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Patrons:- Audrey Chatfield [UK] and Dr. Per Frey [Norway]


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31 March 2014

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The Beginning.

Per Frey and Audry Chatfield on their Norwegian coastal cruise, October 2004
[Photo- Randi Narvesen]

During the 1970's I was very active in the Collie world and quite a lot of my dogs were exported to different countries. The result was I received many letters asking for information on both collies - and their owners! In some cases it was difficult to give an unbiased opinion and then suddenly the germ of an idea came into my mind, If people were to advertise their own stock then I could no longer be held responsible for any future mishaps.

I discussed my idea with friends and we decided that a Handbook would be a good way of enabling collie breeders, all over the world, to advertise their stock. And so the INTERNATIONAL COLLIE HANDBOOK became a reality in 1980. I started out with trepidation but I need not have worried - The Handbook went from strength to strength, at one time reaching over 700 pages.

But that was not enough for many of our advertisers - they then decided that they would like to MEET each other! More thought and more discussions and finally in 1984, it was decided to organise a "trial" meeting in Portugal, where we stayed in a small chalet complex on the Algarve. The rest is history. Considered by many to be the best meeting we ever had, it was a wonderful success. I shall never forget those first anxious moments when a roomful of strangers sat and looked at each other, wondering what to say. Then someone produced their collie photos. The ice was broken and that was the moment when The International Collie Society was born!! Sadly many of the people who attended that first meeting are no longer with us, but they are still spoken of affectionally for their contribution to that wondeful week.

Since that time meetings have been held all over Europe, the last one being held across the Atlantic in the USA.These gatherings can only be helpful in breaking down cultural and social barriers, bringing collie people closer together.
Audrey F Chatfield
November 2004

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