Just 4 steps to your new collie!


Select a collie

There are different friendly breeds, which means you should choose based on their characteristics that best match your requirements. We have the friendliest ones with us being reared with love and care.

See us

Once you choose your collie pet, it is time to meet us and proceed accordingly to fulfill all the formalities.

Submit the adoption form

After meeting us, it is time to finalize the adoption. This is done by filling and submitting a small adoption form just as you fill any admission form.

Allow your pet to adapt to your family

Once all formalities are over, it is time for your chosen pet to spend some quality time with your family, a new family.

Wish to volunteer?

To take care of our collies that are being nurtured with our comprehensive care? Well, you are heartily welcome to do so! You can do so by helping financially, such as by raising funds or donating, by suggesting temporary homes for collies, or by networking our collies on social media.

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  • I am so happy to have a puppy collie from here. These people have really done a great job by rescuing these puppies and taking full care of them!
    Joe Jonathan
  • I am a volunteer here since 2016. Today, I do not feel as a volunteer but as a home member of this collie-caring community. Such is their care not only for collies but also for their volunteers.
    Abraham Peterson
  • I had adopted a young rough collie, who was in a very good health. I want to thank this community, as their care for collies is matchless. Even today, after three years, they give me all the guidance of nurturing my collie.
    Giselle Wright

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